We’re here at day THREE already and today we’re focusing on the skirt portion of the tunic! If you are just joining us, grab your Charly pattern, some gorgeous fabric, and catch up! It’s a fast sew, so you can make up the steps in no time.

Day One
Day Two

Today we are sewing the skirt with the faux placket. I love this option as it gives you a little more mileage to play with fun trims and buttons than to use the bodice detail that is in the original pattern. If you are opting for the pattern as is, you will need to look at the directions for that on pages 9 and 10.

Take one of your front skirt pieces (if you forgot and cut the whole thing on the fold, you can just cut it right down the middle!) and place the placket strip piece on top, right sides together, where the center of the skirt would be. If you have trim that is wide enough to clear the 1/2″ seam allowance, you can sandwich it in between, otherwise, you can topstitch it on in the next step. Sew and finish the seam, then press the seam towards the skirt piece.

My cluny lace from Little Red Cottage is cute and dainty, so I’m adding it to the top of my seam. Topstitch in place.

Repeat with the opposite side, and trim any excess fabric from the bottom or top of the placket.

Place the back skirt on top of the front skirt, right sides together. They are both curved in different places, so they will only match up at the side seams. Sew and finish the seams, then turn the skirt right side out and press the seams to the back.

To do the hem on this, run a basting stitch (your machine’s longest stitch length) along the bottom of the skirt, using a 1/4″ allowance. Press that hem allowance up using the basting line as your guide, then press it up another 1/4″. Take care with your iron if you are using trims made of synthetic fibers! Sew the hem using a scant (just under) 1/4″ allowance.

Ta-dah!!!! Easiest day yet, right?

I keep looking at these sweet Wonderland Two bunnies and thinking about how great they are for St. Patrick’s Day AND Easter! Riley Blake and Hawthorne Threads have generously sponsored this sew along, so make sure you head to their websites and check out the amazing fabrics they offer!

To post your progress pics in our Facebook group or on Instagram, use the hashtags #charlysewalong and #daythree to enter to win some fun things from Izzy & Ivy and Hawthorne Threads! You have until March 20th and entries will count in either place, but you can do both for double entries!