The date of this photo shoot was kind of ironic in the fact that it was the first day of Summer. Almost six months away from Christmas! I didn’t mind that, though, because getting my hands on the new Mingle and Jingle fabrics from Alicia Jabcobs Dujets and Ink & Arrow quickly got my creative Christmas juices flowing!

There are so many things to love about Mingle and Jingle! I think the first thing to point out is some favorite Christmas characters, proudly displayed as portraits. And you can’t miss the nicknames: Dancy, Prancy, Donnie, Dashy, Rudy, Cupie, and one of my favorites, Elfis. A little birdie told me that Alicia Dujets had a stuffed elf as a kid and brilliantly named him Elfis. Pretty sure she’s my kind of people with that dazzling display of punnery.

I love the subtle argyle design behind the frames, and the best part is that Christmas Crew also comes in gray! The Linear Argyle and Snowflake Stripe coordinates add the perfect touch to so many projects. I couldn’t cram them all into one shoot this time, but the Christmas Pets and Christmas Trees are worth checking into as well!

I’ve always been a sucker for a good argyle, and the red colorway of the Linear Argyle was perfect for these Dapper adjustable suspenders from ModKid and the bow tie from Sew Like My Mom. This is the second set like this that I’ve made for my boys and they are clamoring for more!

Did I mention that I turned the bowtie pattern into a headband? I love it!

I used our Stella paper pattern and made a solid skirt and I adjusted the hemline and hemband a bit. I’m hoping we can stash this away until December and have a fun Christmas pretty ready to wear! I’m not sure I’ve ever been this ahead of the game!

I added this sweet doily to the top portion of the skirt because it just screamed SNOWFLAKE! It’s the perfect addition to this adorable outfit!

Speaking of adorable, these two did an amazing job modeling for me. You’d never know that they’ve spent their summer fighting and messing with each other. They are super sweet when they want to be!

“Here’s how you do the model pose, little bro!”

Make sure you have Mingle and Jingle on your wishlist and get a jump on that holiday sewing! You can search for shops near you on the Ink & Arrow Store Finder!

Happy sewing!