St. Patrick’s Day has come to be one of my family’s most dearly loved holidays. My maternal Grandmother was the most Irish of anyone I knew, and my Grandpa loved her so much that he claimed the heritage for himself. We always spent time at their house on March 17th and it was always a festive occasion with corned beef and cabbage, and usually a green dessert. I will always try to carry on this tradition to remember my grandparents, although we tweak it a bit since I’m the only one that likes corned beef! I also love to pass on the story of St. Patrick and his importance as a missionary to Ireland. (Veggie Tales has an awesome short of the story of St. Patrick, too!)

I’ve always tried to sew something green for the kids, but this year they’ve all had the flu and sewing was just not in the cards. Although the day IS still young! I thought I’d do a roundup of Izzy & Ivy Patterns that I’ve sewn to keep my little leprechauns from getting pinched!

2015- This is the Addie Jo Skirt pattern. I used a combination of Jennifer Paganelli prints from JoAnn and Beauty Queen.

2014- This is an Emory/Evie mashup that I did in V and Co for a charity auction. She was so sad we didn’t get to keep it! Methinks it’s time to make another at some point!

2014- This is a sweet version of our Dizzy Dancing Dahlia from the Blossom’s Garden Party Skirts book. The book is out of print, but there are several places that still carry it. This is also similar to our FREE Tiered Skirt tutorial!

I’m also going to throw one more in here of my main source of shenanigans. This kid. He always keeps me on my toes!

He’s sporting some pants made from a Charming Ollie pattern. What a cutie!