I can’t believe it’s here! It seems like it was so long ago that Tiffany from Ink & Arrow Fabrics asked me if I would be interested in being their guest for It’s Sew Easy TV. I have to admit that I was very, VERY nervous. TV?! No way! I couldn’t EVER do that! Well, turns out I did, and it was such a fun thing to check off my bucket list, even if the thought had never crossed my mind.

I sewed and planned…and then planned and sewed…and finally got my chance to tape my segments at KS Productions in August. It was a bad week to leave! My kids all had a stomach bug and I was afraid I was next! Thankfully the only queasiness I felt was soon dispelled as I got to know the folks at the studio. I prepped my things, got my nails and face done, and it was my turn! I really feel like my years performing as a soloist and pianist helped me in this area, as well as being a music teacher before I had kids. Same techniques, different audience and subject matter. The people at the studio were so helpful and made me feel at home. It also helped that I had some of my favorite things to work with: patterns from Izzy & Ivy, Ashtyn and Hayden fabrics from Ink & Arrow, and trims from Vintage Door.

So this is it! My first episode, #1403, airs this week on It’s Sew Easy TV! You can check their TV listing page here or check with your local Public Television affiliate for times and dates. My local channel airs the show at 2 p.m. this Thursday, January 11! You can also see it on their YouTube channel or on the It’s Sew Easy website. My second episode, #1410, airs later, the week of February 26, so make sure you check that one out, too! Or maybe just set your DVR to catch all of the episodes! There are so many other great contributors to the show, so I hope you will take a bit to look around. They really do make it look SEW easy and the projects are really accessible and they don’t require a P.H.D. in sewing.

Huge thanks to KS Productions and It’s Sew Easy TV, Ink & Arrow Fabrics, Vintage Door, my sewing peeps around the interwebs, Pattern Revolution, my friends and family who have supported me creatively through the years, and my husband and kids who dealt with the madness that comes with preparing for a once in a lifetime event!